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The Secure Online Portal also offers a collection of apps that are specifically designed to streamline processes, improve communication and reduce workloads for your organization’s personnel administrators.  It’s fully secure and flexible, allowing you to add apps as you need them at a cost that’s affordable for your budget.

  • Secure Communications: Secure, HIPAA-compliant communication tools make secure messaging and protecting employees’ private information easy.
  • My Benefits: All benefits information and documents are in one centralized location allowing employees and their families to access benefits information via self-service.
  • Online Enrollment: Eliminate manual entry, paper enrollment, and errors while providing employees with real-time cost calculation and education for each benefit.
  • Health Care Reform: Automates new Health Care Reform requirements, reduces potential non-compliance penalties, and improves education.
  • Time and Attendance (BETA): Secure and centralized way to track and report employee time and attendance for any size hospital or health system.
  • Online Paycheck Stub: Easily make paycheck stubs available online, includ­ing e-mail and text notifications. Integration with payroll vendors makes it easy. Never print a paystub again!
  • Online W-2 (AVAILABLE 2014): Reduce costs and workloads associated with manually printing and mailing W-2 forms by allowing all employees to access their W-2 online.
  • Employee Onboarding: New hire onboarding has never been easier. This app centralizes hiring paperwork and training online, allowing new employees to onboard via self-service.
  • Online Personnel Record Storage:  Eliminate your file cabinets and gain secure, easy access to all your employees’ personnel records.
  • Education & Training: Choose from our library of over 100 courses or create your own customized courses. Our eLearning platform helps schools deliver and track required training.