10,000 Step Club Team Challenge

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This 12-week physical activity team challenge engages and rewards participants for “stepping up” daily activity. Generate excitement and a spirit of healthy competition by offering this custom-branded challenge to your employees and their families.

Participating organizations can subsidize the fee for their employees/members, offer a copay or reimbursement for the cost of participating, or participants can pay their own fee.

Once they sign-up, participants receive a Challenge Starter Kit, including a Smart Pedometer, allowing them to easily track and upload their activity. Participants can create their own teams or be randomly assigned to a team.

Custom communications and support make it easy for you to advertise and recruit participants, kick-off your program successfully, and engage participants throughout the challenge.

The participant fees also cover great rewards, like water bottles, exercise equipment, and more! The winning team members can win great prizes like travel rewards!