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Welcome to My BXS Health Center Help!

How to register your account: 

  1. Visit the online registration page.
  2. Using your employer assigned email address, set-up your account. If your email is not recognized, email:
  3. Once you are registered, you will be automatically logged-into your BXS Health Center Dashboard. Here you will find the list of applications you will have access to. 

Changing your name or password: 

  1. Login into your BXS Health Center account. 
  2. Click on your name up in the top right corner and then click “settings”
  3. Click the “edit” on the Personal Information panel.
  4. Enter your new name and click “save”.
  5. To change your password, enter in your current password and your new password then click “change password”

Note about browser support: 

We recommend using the current version of Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer you will not be able to use the platform, we recommend downloading Chrome for free. Download it here.

For further assistance, contact